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Interest in eating local food has skyrocketed recently. Everywhere we look we see examples of people embracing local food whether through local food tasting events or festivals or through “locavores” deliberately choosing to eat locally. There are so many benefits to eating local food that we wonder why we ever stopped.

Locally grown produce is fresher and healthier. Locally-produced food is not shipped for several days. Since local food is not excessively handled in transport, farmers can pick their produce at its peak ripeness, maximizing its flavor and nutrition. Vitamins in fresh produce break down over time, therefore, the quicker it reaches the consumer the more nutritious it is.

Buying local food strengthens our regional economy. It supports farmers in your community, some of whom have farmed for generations. Local farms create jobs in your region and keep your money circulating within your community, keeping wealth in your region. Every household in every community spends a significant amount of their income on food; the impact on the local economy of shifting even a portion of the expenditure to local items can be quite large.

Growing food closer to home can help build awareness and appreciation for food production. Many people today have no relationship to agriculture. They have never seen lettuce being grown or had the opportunity to pick a cucumber straight from the vine. From an appreciation of food comes an appreciation for the natural environment.

Buying local preserves the natural environment. By supporting local agriculture, you are helping to protect your region’s farmland from urban sprawl and development. You are giving farmers an economic reason to stay open and undeveloped. Protection of local farmland means protection of natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

For more information on how Ontario Greenhouse products get to market view the OGVG video below:

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetables Feed North America Video