Lake Erie Farms English Cucumbers

English Cucumbers & Tomatoes

You can enjoy cool, crisp, refreshing local vegetables nearly year round. English cucumbers and tomatoes are produced in our greenhouse mid-January through to the end of November. They offer our consumers a local vegetable alternative that is rich in fibre and low in sodium. English cucumbers are a tender yet crisp seedless fruit with an un-waxed skin which makes them completely edible with no peeling required. An excellent choice for year-round snacking packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Our tomatoes-on-the-vine are allowed to ripen to a later stage of maturity, they have a higher sugar content, are bright red, and are medium-sized.

Our high-tech greenhouse growing offers many benefits in terms of product quality, nutritional content, and environmental benefits. The greenhouse offers the plants a protected, ideal environment that reduces insect pressure and makes it easier to detect and control insects. Consequently, our facilities are virtually pesticide free by using a process called integrated pest management. Integrated pest management uses natural enemy insects found in nature to keep the bad pests out.

Our vegetables are grown using hydroponic methods that allow us to recycle and reuse our nutrient-fortified water. We have the proper equipment in place to conserve water and recycle it while ensuring that it remains healthy and safe. We also capture carbon dioxide from our heating system before it is emitted into the atmosphere and release it to the plants to ensure optimal growth and development. Hydroponic plants grow and mature faster, thus less space is needed to grow the same quantity of food freeing up land for the cultivation of other crops.

Never store tomatoes in the refrigerator. Storing them in the refrigerator can ruin their texture and flavour.

To maintain freshness, colour, and natural moisture, seedless cucumbers are sealed in plastic wrap. Store in a cool, dry place or your refrigerator crisper. Never store below 10°C.

Cucumbers are a highly versatile vegetable. For health, beauty, household and gardening tips click on our – Cucumbers – I did not know that! page

For more helpful information on the Ontario Greenhouse sector and Ontario Greenhouse produce, please visit The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) website.

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